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IoT processes created by everyone

Cedalo is an innovative software startup which has set out on the ambitious path to empower everyone, also non-programmers, to create and orchestrate microservices and apps for the digital industry and the IoT. This requires a familiar modelling interface and high usability in the foreground. In the background, not only the connectivity to cloud and server infrastructures needs to be ensured but also a strong foundation for processes of virtually any complexity and scalability must be laid.  

Streamsheets democratize the digitalization

If you know excel, you feel at home with Streamsheets.

Streamsheets visualize data enduser-friendly and provide a spreadsheet-like interface to model process logics of any kind. This way the digitalization becomes codefree and everyone is empowered to actively drive digital transformations.  

Our Team

Every day we make the digitalization a little easier









Junior Developer

Is it you?

What matters to us

Our values and what we work for

Empower the users

Cedalo focuses on the users. The goal is that everyone is empowered to realize digital projects.


Curious minds walk the world with open eyes, have the drive to get to the bottom of things and never stop learning.

Challenge the status quo

We do not just do things the way they are because they have always been that way. Only those who take different perspectives and pursue also unorthodox approaches find innovative solutions.

Set the highest standards

We always strive to develop technology of the highest quality and to find the best possible solution, but do not lose ourselves on the path to perfection.


We offer you …

A place in an ambitious start-up with 100% team spirit

The chance to actively grow a company and co-create a unique software.

Collaboration with experienced developers and successful entrepreneurs

No routine duties but varied and challenging tasks as well as state-of-the-art topics


Chief Revenue Officer


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