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Manage, control, and display data from devices with the Management Center for Eclipse Mosquitto

If you are new to the world of MQTT, it is simply a messaging protocol for the Internet of Things. MQTT is lightweight and uses the publish-subscribe communication model to transport messages among devices, services, and applications. Eclipse Mosquitto is an MQTT broker suitable for IoT messaging and useful on all devices in situations ranging from full power machines to embedded and low power machines. Mosquitto is an Eclipse Open Source project which has Cedalo AG as its main sponsor. Learn how to enable MQTT connection. Also, Compare HTTP vs MQTT and see why MQTT protocol is best suited for your IoTproject.

Version 2.0 of Mosquitto will be released today by the Eclipse Foundation and it comes with lots of amazing new features and updates which are great for professional and enterprise application users but also highly recommended for personal Mosquitto users. 

With the increasing popularity of MQTT, coverage showed that older information brokers were often not secured by their owners as seen in this article by Therefore, this could become a severe exploitation point for hackers. Mosquitto has always been capable of being highly secured, however, the decision was left to the operators of the broker to configure, and in some cases, this was not done. 

A major milestone is that Mosquitto 2.0 has become even more secure than before. From now on, Mosquitto is deployed with secured and close settings at default. Owners must explicitly decide how to authenticate their clients. This reduces the chances of unintentionally configuring Mosquitto without authentication or access control. One can see the complete step-by-step guide on how to configure MQTT TLS for our MQTT broker.

In addition, a new authentication and Access Control List (ACL) plug-in gives you the power to dynamically manage clients and their security rights during run-time without any need to reboot the broker.

Cedalo AG will release at the same time the Management Center for Eclipse Mosquitto (MC). The two main values of the Graphical User Interface are the management control and monitoring functionalities it provides.

Screenshot of the Management Center for Eclipse Mosquitto
Screenshot of the Cedalo GUI in night mode

Some of the cool things you can do with the Cedalo Mosquito Management Center include: 

  • Displaying system metrics
  • User interface for handling dynamic security
  • Visualization of application and system topics in a topic tree
  • Visualization of the total number of clients connected
  • Custom Branding (white labeling)
  • Viewing traffic volume on the broker

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