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Catch up with MQTT Protocol: Cedalo Releases an Access-free Online MQTT Course

The MQTT data protocol is the de-facto standard protocol in the Internet of things (IoT) and a part of most industrial communication infrastructures. It provides several key advantages compared to other data transfer protocols, such as its small footprint requiring only minimal bandwidth as well as its decoupling design (publish-subscribe architecture) that facilitates effective scalability and much flexibility.

We want to support you understand the protocol and find out how to use it best in your projects.
Starting with the introduction course.

About the MQTT course

How much time the course is taking you

The estimated time to complete the course is about one hour, including questions to test your knowledge.

What you will learn

You will learn about the core concepts of MQTT, for instance, the publish-subscribe model (pub-sub), security measures to protect your setup, key features as well as the functionalities the MQTT broker provides.

The course covers topics, such as:

  • publish/subscribe model (decoupling, the job of an MQTT broker, key commands such as connect, publish, subscribe, and more)
  • MQTT Quality of Service levels
  • Hosting of your MQTT setup
  • Security
  • Differences between MQTT v.3.1.1 and v.5.0

Learn about the Pro Edition for Eclipse Mosquitto features and possibilities.

Alternatively, launch the MQTT online course in a new tab here.

In addition, you are welcome to learn more about MQTT by reviewing the comparison between HTTP vs MQTT.

Cedalo is always keen on improving its products and services

We would be very grateful if you take a moment and fill out the feedback questionnaire after you have completed the course. You can also leave a comment or write directly to [email protected].

Further, you can check our Release Notes to keep track of Cedalo’s progress and what changed since the last versions.

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