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Webinar: An Overview of Mosquitto 2.0, new features and capabilities

Roger Light, the project lead and primary developer of Eclipse Mosquitto, takes us through the features and capabilities of Mosquitto 2.0 in this Mosquitto 2.0 Webinar.  Some of the topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Security (see this tutorial on how to set up MQTT TLS)
  • Performance
  • New plugin interface
  • Dynamic security plugin
  • Management center
  • Mosquitto Bridge feature improvements
  • Mosquitto clients

Mosquitto is an MQTT broker with High Availability that enables you to connect sensors, devices, and apps in an efficient and flexible manner. Mosquitto is also the most popular MQTT broker in the world. The Mosquitto MQTT server is suitable for Internet of Things messaging. It is available for free in open source with premium plugins and support.

One topic in the Mosquitto 2.0 webinar is the Management Center for Mosquitto which gives you a graphical user interface to monitor and administer your brokers. In addition, you can also visualize topic trees and monitor performance.

You can read more about the features of Mosquitto 2.0 in this blog post and get a comprehensive overview of Mosquito on the Mosquitto page. Read this blog post to get a better understanding about one can establish the MQTT connection between a broker and a client. Check the Mosquitto_sub and Mosquitto_pub examples to understand how one can subscribe and publish to a topic. You can also check out this blog on MQTT QoS to learn more about the three levels of QoS.

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In addition, we would recommend you to check out these Python MQTT examples to understand how one can set up an MQTT client in Python.

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