Instantly book Streamsheets or Mosquitto on our webshop

Get your Streamsheets and/or Mosquitto instances with a monthly or annual subscription.

We’ve just made it easier for you to get your Streamsheets and/or Mosquitto instances with just a click of a button. The new webshop for the premium versions of the MQTT Broker Mosquitto and the No-Code Platform Streamsheets! is ready for you to use. Simply choose the plan that is right for your use case and book your subscription.

We have plans for both hosted and on-premises versions of Mosquitto and Streamsheets.

With the Hosted Mosquitto plans, users can conveniently start using Mosquitto without worrying about deploying and hosting it themselves. Your Mosquitto instance will be fully managed by Cedalo, the makers of Mosquitto. However, if you have the infrastructure and resources to do install and deploy Mosquitto, then check out our Mosquitto on-premises plans. 

Our Streamsheets plans give you the same flexibility. You get exclusive starter prices for your first 10 sheets hosted on the Cedalo cloud or on-premises.

When you choose the Hosted Streamsheets plans, our IT team sets up and hosts your Streamsheets instances for you. All done automatically after subscribing to your preferred plan. If you would rather install and host it locally, then our Streamsheets on-premises plan would be the plan for you.

We made sure that the plans can scale with the growth of your projects. Every plan provides additional value for our users. You also have the flexibility to go for monthly or annual subscriptions on all plans. 

If you have any questions on the plans and features, please contact us at

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