User review: Streamsheets and Mosquitto

Mosquitto MQTT broker on Raspberry Pi Zero W
IoT dashboard visualization with Streamsheets

Watch as ShotokuTech installs the Mosquitto MQTT broker on Raspberry Pi Zero W and creates a real-time IoT application with Streamsheets.

A Cedalo platform user, ShotokuTech reviewed the Mosquitto MQTT broker and Streamsheets on his youtube channel.

He used the Cedalo Platform to install Mosquito MQTT broker, the management center, and Streamsheets.  All of these were done by simply copying and pasting a line of code in SSH.

In the first video, ShotokuTech shows a step-by-step installation of Mosquitto and how he configured clients in the management center. He also used the M5Stack Basic Core IoT units to publish and subscribe to MQTT topics with Mosquitto.

Watch: Mosquitto MQTT Broker on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Using Cedalo Platform

After his positive impression with Mosquitto and the management center, Shotokutech decided to give Streamsheets a try. He built an impressive IoT dashboard with Streamsheets. Using Streamsheets, he created an application that subscribed to MQTT data and visualized the data in real-time. 

Watch: Impressive IoT Dashboard with Cedalo Streamsheets

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