Time Series Aggregations with Streamsheets

16 Oct 2020 - Author: Kristian Raue

Watch Cedalo’s Technology Evangelist Kristian Raue demonstrating time series aggregations with Streamsheets using the TABLE.UPDATE() function.

It is also a good introductionary video about how Streamsheets work and how you can build server based apps and services in just minutes.

You will see that building real time based aggregations with Streamsheets is not rocket science, but actually easy to understand also for the non-programmer with Spreadsheet knowledge.

We recommend that you watch the video in full screen mode.

Video: Time Series Aggregations with Streamsheets

This session is part of a series of sessions where we show the basic steps towards IoT, Stream Processing, MQTT, Pub/Sub and the use of Streamsheets. So stay tuned for more!