Overview of the Feature Set


    Open Source Premium
 Product Name Eclipse Streamsheets Cedalo Sheets
  Essential Features    
  150+ Sheet Functions yes yes
  Standard Charts yes yes
  Realtime Collaboration yes yes
  Connectivity Features    
  MQTT yes yes
  Apache Kafka yes yes
  HTTP Client yes yes
  Webhooks yes yes
  HTTP / REST API Server - yes
  OPC UA Client - yes
  OPC UA Server - yes
  Synchronous File Reader - yes
  MongoDB support yes yes
  Influx Db support yes yes
  TimescaleDB included - yes
  Advanced Features    
  Premium Charts - yes
  Screenshots as PDF - yes
  Send SMS & Email - yes
  JSON Process Function - yes
  InfluxDB Export Function - yes
  Timescale Export Function - yes
  Custom User Functions - yes
  Sharable Links - yes
  Custom Machine Tile Images - yes
  Admin Features    
  User Management yes yes
  User Roles - yes
  Workspaces - yes
  Single Sign On - yes
  Community Support yes yes
  Full Support - yes