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You can select which applications you wish to combine with the Cedalo real-time platform. Choose either the open source projects or the Cedalo Enterprise Products.

Cedalo favors a product-led growth strategy. Therefore we want you to be able to test drive our products. We let the product speak for itself! From day 1, you can easily check out our premium offerings or kick it off with the community version. 

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Applications in the Cedalo real-time platform

Mosquitto logo for Cedalo real-time platform

The ultra-fast and efficient Eclipse Mosquitto is the open core of our broker components.  You can connect devices, apps, services, and sensors with ease and flexibility.

The Management Center for Mosquitto gives you a graphical user interface to monitor and administer your brokers. In addition, you can also visualize topic trees and monitor performance.

Eclipse Streamsheets helps you to manipulate, visualize, and dashboard data from streaming messages in a rapid fashion. 

It is also a no-code platform made for business users looking to make use of their data without waiting for an app developer. Streamsheets used a spreadsheet user interface that is already familiar to its users. As a result, it is easy to adopt by both technical and non-technical users. 

Streamsheets logo for cedalo real-time platform