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Cedalo is the company behind the two open-source projects Eclipse Mosquitto and Eclipse Streamsheets. In our real-time platform you can select in a modular fashion which of our applications you wish to combine to exploit your IoT use case in the most effective manner:

  • The ultra-fast and efficient Mosquitto is always the open core of our broker products. Mosquitto itself is a highly developed MQTT broker and helps you to adminstrate message traffic in modern IoT publish / subscribe architectures.
  • Streamsheets helps you to manipulate, visualize, and dashboard data from streaming messages in a rapid fashion: It is a no-code platform and made for business users who want to start making use of their data without the need to wait for an app developer!

Cedalo favors a product-led growth strategy, which means: We want you to be able to test drive our products. We let the product speak for itself! So enjoy our community edition and feel free to hop to the professional version whenever YOU feel ready!!

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