Industry 4.0: Digitizing the Manufacturing Industry

See how Eclipse Streamsheets help to drive digitization in manufacturing

Often plant managers sense that something is amiss in the production process, but they are unable to pinpoint or measure the problem accurately. Continuous Improvement (CI) experts can be called in to examine production/logistics/business processes and recommend small, effective changes that increase output or lower failure rates.

Digging into the problem with the experts, they realize that they cannot reach their potential efficiency increases because the standard software makes it very hard for them. Customizing this software to their processes will cost time and money. To get out of this situation, plant managers need:

  • software that makes it easy for them to directly make little tweaks
  • software that is easily and quickly adaptable
  • software that they can trim themselves

These conditions enable them to work with agility and fast iterations with the end-users.

The solution for Continuous Improvement (CI) for manufacturing companies

From the above premise, we’ve gathered that production managers need to:

  • Get input from your daily system users in order to create improvements based on specific company and user needs.
  • Improve step by step and get direct feedback – high flexibility through instant validation of improvement changes.
  • Get sustainable results by focusing on small continued improvements that contribute to big sustainable results.

The solution? An agile software that can be set up easily without programming skills.

This is where Streamsheets comes in!

A stable solution that checks off all the conditions necessary to solve the problems of continuous improvement is Streamsheets. 

Streamsheets is a real-time data processing and interoperability server with a no-code front-end. Streamsheets is designed to provide value from the first day of use. It empowers business users to analyze, visualize and re-transmit IoT data without the involvement of IT specialists. This basically saves time, effort, and money. 

Find out below how Streamsheets is a better solution for continuous improvement for manufacturing companies. This is what production managers have been searching for.

How can Streamsheets help manufacturing companies?

Flexible customization

Customizing standard software to fit specifications and processes is extremely slow and expensive. Some of the issues companies come across when trying to customize standard software include: 

  • Loss of product standardization advantages.
  • Discovering that customization only works with the current product version.
  • New product versions require individual changes/upgrades by the vendor.

Our solution – Streamsheets enables fast and easy customization to fit unique manufacturing processes without the need for coding or hiring a costly expert

Real-time solution with Streamsheets

The Streamsheets server provides: 

  • Real-Time Data Processing
  • Real-Time Interoperability
  • Runs 24/7 @ high frequency 
  • Execute processing rule sets for each arriving input 

With Streamsheets no-code front-end, users can:

  • Define data processing rule sets
  • Set up user interactions, interoperability & visualizations
  • Build user interface for your needs
  • View results and dashboards

For a quick project realization

  • Live data from machine
  • Master data can be entered by an operator
  • Design, dashboard, and interaction elements selected and improved in multiple feedback loops with operators


Use case: Predictive maintenance with machine learning and messaging integration

Connect and exploit existing services

For predictive maintenance, Streamsheets can work with other services. For a customer that has isolated systems like – real-time vibration data at the machine, cloud-based machine learning service, and a maintenance system, improvements can be done through Streamsheets by:

  • Interlinking the isolated systems of the company
  • providing an interactive dashboard for analysis
  • Optional active process control

  First results can be seen within 1-2 weeks

Use Streamsheets for your next solution in Continuous Improvement

  • Improve your current processes step by step
  • Drag and drop elements where needed
  • Connect and exploit existing services
  • Enable your team
  • Get fast results
  • Create and customize processes without IT or external programmers

Use cases

Predictive maintenance with condition monitoring

Discover how to set up a condition monitoring dashboard with Eclipse Streamsheets in less than 45 minutes.

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Connect Streamsheets to existing technologies

You can use technologies like Artificial Intelligence with Streamsheets. Check out the free image recognition app.

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Streamsheets in a factory setting using OPC UA and FactoryIO

We show you how to build an OPC UA demo Lab with factoryIO and Eclipse Streamsheets.

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