Freiburg University Hospital

10 Aug 2020

Freiburg University Hospital

Cedalo provides advanced Stream Processing technologies for event and data transparency in real time.

By pursuing an event-based approach, the university clinic is able to link and process events such as patient admissions, laboratory results and master data in real time. Together with Cedalo AG, a decisive contribution could be made in this way, especially during the pandemic, in order to always keep an overview of the current situation.

Event-based technologies such as Eclipse Streamsheets and Apache Kafka consider events such as Patient admissions, test results, and bed transfers at the moment they happen. In the university clinic, Apache Kafka therefore serves as a central and scalable infrastructure that can accept and provide any number of data streams fail-safe.

With applications and services, functionalities such as evaluations, dashboards and data processing can be flexibly added to this infrastructure. Streamsheets enables precisely such applications to be created quickly, individually and without programming. The FHIR standard is also supported, which standardizes the exchange of data between software systems in the healthcare sector.

At the beginning of the pandemic, a wide variety of data sources from laboratories, the point of care and master data could be quickly linked and evaluated in real time. This always helps to keep an overview of suspected cases, sick and non-infected patients and the current bed capacities so that changes can be recognized immediately and responded to.