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Eclipse Streamsheets Version 2.2 veröffentlicht

Version 2.2 of the open-source No-Code platform now available. Eclipse Streamsheets version 2.2 comes with numerous improvements for analysis, monitoring, and control of streaming and IoT data/Improved handling and visualization for time series data

Screenshots of some charts in Eclipse Streamsheets 2.2

(PresseBox) (Freiburg i. Br., December 18, 2020) Shortly after the announcement of the 2.0 release of Eclipse Mosquitto, Cedalo AG, as the main sponsor of Mosquitto and Streamsheets, now also announces the availability of a new version of Streamsheets. Eclipse Streamsheets version 2.2 brings further increases in performance and further simplifies the visualization and transformation of streaming and IoT data. New diagram types expand the range of applications for the well-known no-code platform. In addition, the processing of MQTT-based JSON payloads is further optimized.

Boxplot charts enable the presentation of statistical data in quality and process management. In the manufacturing industry, in particular, this is one of the main charts for displaying process distributions across many measurements quickly and clearly. Using tachometer charts, the actual and target status can now be visualized using several process parameters at the same time. All setting menus for graphics are standardized from Streamsheets 2.2.

Streamsheets is aimed at professional users who have to monitor, transform and display continuously incoming data (“streaming data”) in their business and production processes in real-time. In this no-code environment, business users can map their processes using spreadsheet logic without having to be able to program them. As of version 2.2, the interactive elements in Streamsheets have been further strengthened: With aggregated cell values, users can view the underlying time series directly with one click, in order to be able to quickly check for outliers and anomalies.

Streamsheets is basically designed for real-time processing of continuously incoming data. In this way, data can be analyzed in real-time, and recommendations for action can be modeled using an Excel-like cell logic. Eclipse Streamsheets version 2.2 can also run on devices with very limited resources, where either the system is not stable or the devices are shut down in a targeted manner to save energy. These are some of the use cases where the storage and subsequent query of parameters and results on non-volatile memories (“persistence”) is absolutely necessary, as it is supported from Streamsheets 2.2.

“Streamsheets is a very powerful no-code platform. Using cell logic, users with domain expertise can model a very wide range of use cases without having to be a programmer, ”emphasizes Kristian Raue, Chief Evangelist and one of the founders of Cedalo AG from Freiburg. “Streamsheets 2.2 makes it even easier for the ‘Citizen Developer’ to model and visualize precisely his IoT or B2B streaming use cases quickly and flexibly with additional diagrams, cell functions, and data persistence.”

Eclipse Streamsheets can be downloaded from the official project page of the Eclipse Foundation. The complete package with Streamsheets 2.2 as well as the new MQTT Broker Mosquitto 2.0 and the associated graphical Management Center 2.0 is available at

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