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Filter a JSON Array 

Filter incoming JSON Arrays for specific criteria.


JSON is a data format used to represent data in a structured and standardized way. It is a text-based, lightweight alternative to XML and is widely used on the web for data interchange. Arrays can be a part of a JSON object and represent data lists, which may contain zero to many elements.

Streamsheets primarily uses JSON as its data format for representing data. It is sometimes necessary to filter the content for specific criteria when working with arrays. This template uses the “Loop” functionality of the Inbox to split an array into multiple messages while filtering for specific criteria.

How it works:

  • Start the App 
  • The “Array simulation” sheet sends one array per second to the “Splitter” sheet
  • The “Filter” sheet loops over every array element, checking the criteria before sending a message to the “Receiver” sheet
  • The “Reciever” sheet adds the incoming messages to a table
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