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Streamsheets are a new spreadsheet technology specifically designed for real-time data stream processing and the opportunities of digitization and the Industrial IoT.

Orchestration tool

They serve as an orchestration tool to connect digital "things" ranging from sensors to enterprise software, apps and websites, to direct data streams and to define both simple as well as very complex process logics.

100% codefree Interface

A well-known, 100% code-free user interface in the foreground enables also end-users to quickly realize system integrations, automation projects and applications.

Always and everywhere

In the background, server-based microservices are automatically generated that run continuously 24/7 and in real-time in any architecture of private and public clouds as well as on-premise installations.

100% codefree

Familiar interface

Streamsheets facilitate the creation of applications in a familiar spreadsheet environment without a single line of program code. In an already known and accepted way, users define logics for analyses, data transformations and processes, which minimizes familiarization times and fears of contact, thereby accelerating implementations of digital solutions.

Unlike traditional spreadsheet applications, Streamsheets are not static but designed for dynamic processing, analyses, and controlling of data flows. Similar to an e-mail program, input data enters the inbox of a Streamsheet, flows through the logic defined there, before the results are forwarded to downstream IoT devices, processes or databases.

Once the modeling phase of a process is complete, a Streamsheet can be closed while its process logic runs continuously 24/7 as a microservice and in real-time in your server environment.


High feature velocity

For digital transformations business-users and process owners play a key role because they possess the specific know-how of their company. Their process knowledge is essential for the creation of high-quality, value-adding applications and services. To achieve, additionally, a high level of agility, this user-group must be empowered to implement solutions quickly and as independently as possible. Only this way it is possible to drastically reduce comprehensive functional specifications, repeated briefings and the inclusion of programming resources and thus development times and costs.

For this purpose, Streamsheets provide a visual and interactive modelling concept that gives direct feedback during the process implementation and makes a try & error based approach possible. Thus, applications cannot only be created quickly by business-users but they can also be continuously adapted to new business situations.

This makes Streamsheets also particularly suitable for fast prototyping, proof-of-concepts and educational purposes.


Full connectivity

Cedalo´s technology is data-diagnostic permitting the fluid connection of technical, business and IT processes. Connect and link countless data sources in your departments, within your organization or even along the entire value chain and across company borders. Streamsheets empower you to fully orchestrate your data streams and even support the combination of asynchronous, decentralized and autonomous elements.

Since the native data structures of sources is processed and displayed end-user-friendly, users always have full transparency of the actual data in- and output of connected elements and data streams.


Powerful logic & automation engine

Cedalo's technology is not only well-suited for simple procedures and connections among IoT elements but can also take a high loads of complexity and represent it in a compact manner. Moreover, the functionality of Streamsheets goes beyond dialogue-box driven or flow-chart based solutions. This enables you to implement your company-specific processes and individual digitization projects exactly the way you want to.

Furthermore, if you want to simulate not yet existing elements as well as define and test process logics before connecting a system, cedalo´s technology equips you with these capabilities. Streamsheets support ex-ante as well as ex-post simulations. Consequently, alternative scenarios can be considered and even compared based on actually occurred movement data answering questions like “what would have been if?”.

For every technology stack

Supporting your individual digitization


The Streamsheet technology seamlessly integrates with existing and planned digital infrastructures supporting your individual mix of private and public clouds, such as AWS, Mindsphere, Azure and many more, as well as on-premise solutions.

IoT elements

Also when connecting and integrating different IoT components, Streamsheets comply with your current circumstances and support your individual digitization goals. Whether your strategy includes ERP systems, smart devices, sensors, machines, websites or wearables – all can be interconnected with a single tool. As long as your components are digital, they can be orchestrated.

Data streams

Further, if third-party applications are to be integrated and you need to adapt your input data streams or further process the results, Streamsheets enable you to realize these integrations and data transformations quickly.


Starting out small and rolling out as big as you like: Streamsheets facilitate the gradual introduction of digitization solutions and scale to your needs.

IoT Communication

All communication patterns in real-time

Cedalos technology was especially developed for the IIoT and, therefore, not only supports communication patterns from IT and the IoT but also from the context of industrial production. Hence, processes created with Streamsheets can be triggered by events and streaming data, calculated cyclically, started at certain times and executed by other processes.

In addition, Streamsheets support all common IoT protocols, such as MQTT, OPC UA, REST APIs, AMQP and Apache Kafka. Consequently, they cannot only be used in publish/subscribe and client/server structures but also function as translators and communicate between these protocols and communication patterns.

The real-time capability of Streamsheets lies in the low millisecond range, thus not only analyzes and monitoring can be performed in real-time but, additionally, control commands and actions in time-critical settings are made possible.

Rights system

Effective user management

Due to the increasing digitization, the number of interconnected agents in companies is growing dramatically while at the same time their connections keep changing constantly.
Therefore, an efficient management system capable of handling thousands of participants which allows detailed rights for processes, user groups and IoT elements is crucial. Nevertheless, the operation and maintenance of such a system must be simple and straightforward.

For this reason, cedalo´s technology offers a comprehensive, yet immediately understandable labelling system which resembles the system of well-known applications such as Google´s Gmail.

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