Free 72h Workspace of Cedalo Enterprise Platform for Eclipse Streamsheets

Get free access to Cedalo EP Streamsheets workspace and build real-time applications without code

Create real-time applications with Streamsheets using Cedalo premium features

Create your Streamsheets workspace

Screenshot of an OEE dashboard built with Streamsheets
Condition monitoring app
Screenshot of the weather to sms app
Screenshot of the image recognition app
Real-time Docker pulls app


The Streamsheets workspace is hosted in the cloud and it comes with almost all the premium features available. This includes an OPC UA client. If you want the Streamsheets server to also act as an OPC UA server, then please contact us.

Build functional and real life applications for your specific use cases with the cool premium features in Streamsheets for 3 days. To get started, click the button below, provide your email address and a login link will be sent to you immediately. 

Create your Streamsheets workspace

Please note that all data will be deleted after the 72 hours is up. Data in the Streamsheets playground is not backed up. If you want continued access to your application after the 3 days, please contact us at

If you need any assistance, please visit our forum. Our technical team will be happy to help you out. Alternatively, you can email

Need inspiration for what to build? You can check out our Streamsheet apps template library here.