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Real-Time Data Processing and Interoperability Server with No-Code Front-end

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is a no-code application builder.

Build professional applications to automate workflows, continuously monitor operations, and control processes in real-time. Your solutions run 24/7 on servers in the cloud and on the edge.

Thanks to the spreadsheet user interface, you do not have to be a software developer. Instead of writing program code, you drag-and-drop data, fill cells with formulas, and design charts in a way you already know. 

  • IoT connectivity

    Find all necessary protocols on board that you need to connect to sensors, and machines like MQTT, REST, and OPC UA.

  • Tap into the stream

    Streamsheets is native to stream data processing like MQTT and kafka. Pick up a topic stream, transform it and blast it back out into the endless streaming world.

  • API connectivity

    REST opens you the world: Streamsheets let you connect to any web service or let them connect to you.

  • Intelligence, edge and cloud. Your choice

    Efficient. Ready for the Edge. Streamsheets run in the cloud, on your servers, but also on edge devices like a Raspberry Pi.

  • Made for real time

    IoT data processing requires that you can react immediately to data changes. Streamsheets is built for dealing with rapidly arriving data.

Connect data source


Merge & process data

A gif of a data stream on Eclipse Streamsheets
  • No code

    With Streamsheets you don't have to be a programmer or data scientist to work with streaming data. Cedalo delivers the new equalizer for a streaming generation.

  • Easy as pie logic

    You know Excel? You do not want to learn a new “language” to tell your app what to do, but you want to process IoT data? Welcome to Streamsheets!

  • Merge data from different sources

    Bind in multiple source and blend their data to create new results.

  • Transform and enrich data by spreadsheet logic

    The data does not arrive in the form you need it. You simply recalculate or aggregate it by streamsheet formulas.

  • Calculate KPIs and produce results live and in no time

    Easy dashboards are set up in some minutes.

  • Fast dashboarding

    Visualize your data with a few clicks. With multiple dynamic graphs like line charts, pie charts and so many more waiting for you! Unified wizards and diagram setting menus speed up your work.

  • It does not have to look like a spreadsheet…

    You simply separate the spreadsheet-like development view from the presentation view. Convenient working for you as admin and superior visual impression for your audience.

  • Chart types for every use case

    No matter what is your use case we got you covered with heatmaps, speedometers, bar charts, pies, …

Visualize and create dashboards


Publish results

  • Join the endless stream again

    Publish any results as single values or full JSON constructs back to streaming architecture like MQTT, or Kafka.

  • Persistence and database access

    Any value pair or larger data array can be accessed from, or stored in relational databases (like MySQL), timeseries databases (e.g. Timescale), or No-SQL databases like MongoDB.

  • Not only monitoring but also controlling

    With Streamsheets this is not a one-way street: You cannot only read values by REST or OPC-UA, but you can also actively post tags to sensors, actors, and machines. Streamsheets can act as an OPC-UA client or as an OPC-UA server.

  • 24/7 Online

    You do not have to run it on a specific PC. It is central and always available for everybody.

  • Flexibility

    The world is changing. So are your requirements to your apps. Streamsheet’s inherent approach and logic lets you create and adapt in the blink of an eye.

  • Controlled access

    Manage user access and make sure only the right people can access the data.

Manage your apps


How we support you

  • Open source

    We believe in accessible technology to bring about innovation. Get started with Streamsheets with our open-source edition!

  • Well documented

    Streamsheets is a professional no-code platform by Cedalo and comes with an extensive and versioned documentation.

  • Product maintenance

    We don't just stop at providing you with Streamsheets. We take it even further by incorporating future changes and updates.

  • Support

    Receive timely feedback and avoid performance pitfalls while using Streamsheets.

  • Professional services

    We provide the expertise necessary to help our customers maximize the value of Streamsheets for business success.

Open source or Premium?

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