Do more, theorize less.

Create real-time solutions for Stream Processing and the IoT faster without any code.

is a no-code application builder.

Build professional applications to automate workflows, continuously monitor operations, and control processes in real-time. Your solutions run 24/7 on servers in the cloud and on the edge.

Thanks to the spreadsheet user interface, you do not have to be a software developer. Instead of writing program code, you drag-and-drop data, fill cells with formulas, and design charts in a way you already know.

Build applications that...

...connect to anything

Connect to your devices and business applications. Communicate with APIs, webservices and databases.

Map between protocols and change data structures.

...merge and process data

Merge data streams from different sources. 

Transform and enrich your data continuously. Calculate KPIs and produce results live and in no time.

...analyze and control

Analyze data and create intelligence continuously 24/7. 

Derive inputs for decisions and define advanced process controls to take action if  and when necessary.

...visualize and monitor

Create dynamic charts and graphics that depict your reality.

Build dashboards that update constantly and give you transparency in real-time!

Create, Visualize and Manage your Apps

  • No Code

    With Streamsheets you don't have to be a programmer or data scientist to work with streaming data. Cedalo delivers the new equalizer for a streaming generation.

  • 24/7 Online

    You do not have to run it on a specific PC. It is central and always available for everybody.

  • Easy as pie logic

    You know Excel? You do not want to learn a new “language” to tell your app what to do, but you want to process IoT data? Welcome to Streamsheets!

  • Fast dashboarding

    Visualize your data with a few clicks. With multiple dynamic graphs like line charts, pie charts and so many more waiting for you!

  • Flexibility

    The world is changing. So are your requirements to your apps. Streamsheet’s inherent approach and logic lets you create and adapt in the blink of an eye.

  • Controlled Access

    Manage user access and make sure only the right people can access the data.

  • IoT Connectivity

    Find all necessary protocols on board that you need to connect to sensors, and machines like MQTT, REST, and OPC UA.

  • Tap into the stream

    Streamsheets is native to stream data processing like MQTT and kafka. Pick up a topic stream, transform it and blast it back out into the endless streaming world.

  • API Connectivity

    REST opens you the world: Streamsheets let you connect to any web service or let them connect to you.

  • Intelligence. Edge and Cloud. Your choice

    Efficient. Ready for the Edge. Streamsheets run in the cloud, on your servers, but also on edge devices like a Raspberry Pi.

  • Made for real time

    IoT data processing requires that you can react immediately to data changes. Streamsheets is built for dealing with rapidly arriving data.


How We Support You

  • Open Source

    We believe in accessible technology to bring about innovation. Get started with Streamsheets with our open-source edition!

  • Well documented

    Streamsheets is a professional no-code platform by Cedalo and comes with an extensive and versioned documentation.

  • Product Maintenance

    We don't just stop at providing you with Streamsheets. We take it even further by incorporating future changes and updates.

  • Support

    Receive timely feedback and avoid performance pitfalls while using Streamsheets.

  • Professional Services

    We provide the expertise necessary to help our customers maximize the value of Streamsheets for business success.

Powerful charts for bound and unbound data

Open Source or Premium?

Eclipse Streamsheets

to kick it off
  • Standard Charts
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Webhooks
  • User Authentication
  • Community Support

Premium Edition

to build even more
From 399 €/month
  • Everything included in the open source version
  • Premium Charts
  • HTTP / REST API Server
  • User Management
  • Full Professional Support


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