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Templates and use cases of Eclipse Streamsheets to get you started

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Enterprise Weather-to-SMS App

The Enterprise version of the Streamsheets weather-to-sms app is available from Streamsheets 2.4 and enables you to…

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Docker Pulls App

At Cedalo, we use this Streamsheets app to track our Docker pulls over time in one dashboard….

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Image Recognition App

Use Artificial Intelligence with Streamsheets to build an image recognition application. You only need Streamsheets, an iPhone…

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Streamsheets Charts App

Chart types for varied and specific use cases. This template provides data source ranges which to help…

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Slack App

Directly send messages from Streamsheets to your slack channel using this template. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions…

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Condition Monitoring App

A ready-to-use template that enables you to build a condition monitoring dashboard to observe and monitor your…

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Weather-to-SMS App

Create Streamsheets that can continuously receive weather data from OpenWeather and send it as an SMS (text…

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