Set up a condition monitoring dashboard

This Eclipse Streamsheets app template enables you to set up a condition monitoring dashboard for any use case.

Build a condition monitoring dashboard with no-code

Create a condition monitoring dashboard with Streamsheets without code in easy steps.

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Screenshot of Streamsheets condition monitoring dashboard


Streamsheets is your no-code approach to monitoring machine effectiveness and efficiency. You can use the in-built charts to observe various parameters of machines.  In this template, we use simulated values with timestamps that reset with each start of the app.  

To get the best experience with the condition monitoring app, you will need the Cedalo Enterprise Platform for Eclipse Streamsheets (mainly because of the state chart which is a premium chart).

How to use this template

Follow these simple steps to get started with this template. 

  1. Download the JSON file by clicking the “Download template” button.
  2. From your Streamsheets dashboard, simply drag and drop the JSON file to your dashboard. Alternatively, you can import the JSON file you downloaded from the dashboard menu

Import weather to app

3. Please note that the template contains two Streamsheets. Streamsheet 1 simulates and processes the data and Streamsheet 2 visualizes the dashboard.

Two Streamsheets shown side by side

4. The template uses simulated values and the timestamp is one of such values. The timestamp resets with every start of the app. It is only triggered if the current step equals 1. 

5. Streamsheet 1 contains instructions to enable you to make changes to the templates as you see fit.

6. Start the app by clicking “play” on the controls in the top bar. 

Download template

Build a condition monitoring dashboard with Streamsheets in 30 minutes.