Docker pulls monitoring app

This Eclipse Streamsheets app template enables you to set up a dashboard for monitoring Docker pulls

Docker pulls monitoring app

Create a real-time dashboard with Streamsheets for monitoring Docker pulls.

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Screenshot of the Docker pulls app


Streamsheets is your no-code approach to monitoring your Docker pulls over time and in real-time. This template shows how Cedalo uses Streamsheets to monitor our Docker pulls. You can edit the template and use it for your use case. 

You only need the open source version of Eclipse Streamsheets to use this template.

How to use this template

Follow these simple steps to get started with this template. 

  1. Download the JSON file by clicking the “Download template” button.
  2. From your Streamsheets dashboard, simply drag and drop the JSON file to your dashboard. Alternatively, you can import the JSON file you downloaded from the dashboard menu

3. Please note that the template contains three Streamsheets. Click on the “Arrange Streamsheets” icon to view all Streamsheets.

4. Streamsheet 1 is for gathering pull information about docker hub repositories, in order to display them in charts. Here, you will add the Docker API URL of your software.

5. Streamsheet 2 labeled “Mapping,” handles Docker response & local data handling.

6. Streamsheet 3 visualizes the data in a dashboard with Streamsheets charts.

7. Start the app by clicking “play” on the controls in the top bar. 

Download template