Image recognition app with Eclipse Streamsheets

Artificial Intelligence enabled app with Streamsheets for image recognition.

Build an AI-enabled image recognition app 

Create an image recognition app with Streamsheets. No code required. 

Download template

Screenshot of the image recognition app


You can use AI with Streamsheets in this already made Streamsheets template. All you need to do is connect Streamsheets to your iPhone, take a photo and the app immediately tells you what the image contains. 

You only need the open source version of Eclipse Streamsheets to use this template.

How to use this template

Follow these simple steps to get started with this template. 

  1. Download the JSON file by clicking the “Download template” button.
  2. From your Streamsheets dashboard, simply drag and drop the JSON file to your dashboard. Alternatively, you can import the JSON file you downloaded from the dashboard menu

3. Open a free account at and retrieve your API code. 

4. Paste the API key from Clarifai on the column for the API key (column B8 in Streamsheets).

5. Go to the Apple app store and download “Cedalo MQTT Connect.”

6. From the “Cedalo MQTT Connet” app, fill in the required details such as URL, Port, username, password, and publish.  To retrieve the details, go to Streamsheets apps dashboard, click on Streams and then click on iPhone_MQTT_Connect.

7. Take a photo directly from the iPhone app and watch it immediately appear on Streamsheets. Read the results in column A25:H35.

Download template