Eclipse Streamsheets chart apps

Visualize and monitor data with Streamsheets charts.

Dynamic charts in Eclipse Streamsheets

Explore and use the many types of charts in Streamsheets for many purposes and use cases.

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Screenshot of various charts in Streamsheets


Streamsheets comes with different types of charts that fit into specific and varied use cases. This template provides data source ranges and their accompanying charts to give you a hands-on idea of how you can apply the charts in Streamsheets. 

Some of the charts in the Streamsheets charts app are available only in Cedalo Enterprise Platform for Eclipse Streamsheets. View the list of the open-source and premium charts here. 

How to use this template

Follow these simple steps to get started with this template. 

  1. Download the JSON file by clicking the “Download template” button.
  2. From your Streamsheets dashboard, simply drag and drop the JSON file to your dashboard. Alternatively, you can import the JSON file you downloaded from the dashboard menu

3. To see which chart uses which data source, open the chart wizard and check the “plot” settings. You can also use the chart wizard to explore other charts not included in this template.

4. There are many more possible visualization options for each chart. Try to play around with the parameter and styles to get a deeper understanding.

5. Start the app by clicking “play” on the controls in the top bar to see how the charts updates in real-time.

Download template

Streamsheets charts table

Column ChartColumnxx
 Column stackedxx
 Column 100%xx
Bar ChartBarxx
 Bar stackedxx
 Bar 100%xx
Line ChartLinexx
 Line stackedxx
 Line 100%xx
 Line stepxx
Area ChartAreaxx
 Area stackedxx
 Area 100%xx
X/Y ChartScatterxx
 Scatter with Line and Markerxx
 Scatter with Linexx
Pie ChartPiexx
 Half piexx
 3d Piexx
Gauge ChartGauge x
 Gauge 220 Degree x
 Gauge 220 Degree with value label x
 Gauge with pointer x
State ChartState chart column x
 State Chart time x
 State Chart periode x
Stock ChartStock Chart: High Low Close x
 Stock Chart: Open High Low Close x
 Stock Chart: Volume High Low Close x
 Stock Chart: Volume Open High Low Close x
Funnel ChartFunnel vertical x
 Funnel Bars x
 Funnel horizontal x
 Funnel Column x
Waterfall ChartWaterfall x
Box PlotBox Plot x