Eclipse Streamsheets slack application

An application that enables you to send messages from Streamsheets to your slack channel.

Send messages to slack directly from Streamsheets

An easy-to-use application that speeds up productivity by sending information to your slack channel 
from Streamsheets.

Download template


Use this template to set up an application in Streamsheets to enable you to send messages to slack. All you need is Streamsheets and your Slack webhook URL and you are good to go. 

You only need the open source version of Streamsheets to use this template.

How to use this template

Follow these simple steps to get started with this template. 

  1. Download the JSON file by clicking the “Download template” button.
  2. From your Streamsheets dashboard, simply drag and drop the JSON file to your dashboard. Alternatively, you can import the JSON file you downloaded from the dashboard menu.

Import weather to app

3. Open Streamsheets and add your user input in the ‘user input field’.

4. Retrieve your channel webhook URL from Slack by following this easy guide from Slack here. 

5. As soon as you have your webhook URL, add it to the ‘Channel Webhook’ field.

6. Simply type in any message you would like to send in the ‘Post channel message’ field. 

7. Start the application by clicking “play” on the controls in the top right corner.

8. As soon as you click the “Send Message” button in a running app, the application sends a message to a Slack channel. 


Download template