Cedalo Sheets

The stream processing application for everybody

By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.

– Gartner, August 2019

The democratization of stream processing solutions

To understand Cedalo Sheets, it helps to know our mission:
  • no-code user interface
  • universal bridge to industry protocols
  • analytics, visualization, and automation

By combining these features in one application, we’ve solved a major problem for non-technical users who want code-free digital enterprise solutions.

Our no-code user interface is the all-familiar spreadsheet. The no-code parts include functions, just like a spreadsheet, and wizards to connect to data.  A non-technical user can access sensors, APIs, and streaming data, without any protocol expertise. Communication services run automatically in the background, making connectivity transparent and effortless. Just connect to a channel, drag data onto the sheet, and analyse it with formulas. 


Sheets run on their own, like a virtual machine, 24 hours a day, receiving data from multiple sources, transforming it, and sending it out again. Every Sheet has a cycle timer that you can set from one second to one centisecond, controlling how often a Sheet receives, processes, and sends data

Dashboard and charting included

You can use Sheets just like a dashboard.  We include extensive charting features including dynamic charts that update immediately with real-time data. No need to download or install third-party chart extensions. Just select a chart type from the menu and the range of spreadsheet cells you want in the chart. It’s all built into Sheets and available right from the menu bar.

Sheets makes it easy to leverage data from all sources, both public and internal systems. You are not limited to platform supported endpoints. You are not limited to platform specific APIs. Sheets is lightweight, agile, standards compliant, and platform agnostic. Perfect for turning any data, not just big data, into actionable insights.

Sheets runs anywhere, on the desktop, on servers, in the cloud, and on every standard operating system.

The only thing to add is your imagination

Step into process automation with stream analytics for every domain: office, factory, or field.
Lightweight, platform agnostic Cedalo Sheets lets your non-IT employees use a familiar, no-code approach to leverage real-time data from multiple sources. Scale sensibly into the digital transformation of your enterprise with Cedalo Sheets.



The Eclipse Streamsheets open source version provides a spreadsheet interface to formulas, and wizards to connect to streams, so you can quickly create custom solutions to analyze and transform event data in real-time.


Cedalo Sheets

Cedalo, the sponsor and maintainer of the Eclipse Streamsheets project offers Cedalo Sheets, a premium version of Streamsheets with additional features and support, available in desktop, server and cloud editions, both on or off premises.

Overview of the Feature Set


Eclipse Streamsheets

Premium Sheets


150+ Sheet Functions

Standard Charts

Realtime Collaboration



Apache Kafka

HTTP Client




OPC UA Client


OPC UA Server


Synchronous File Reader ⓘ

Observe text files and continuously read new entries. With this feature you turn text files into a data stream that can be sent and stored anywhere.





Premium Charts

Basic PDF Generation (beta)

Send SMS & Email

JSON Process Function ⓘ

This function allows you to process large messages more effectively. This is especially true if looping at at the granular key-value pair level is not an option.

InfluxDB Export Function ⓘ

Select data from an influx database and save it to disk. This data can then also be downloaded as a csv file via the export button of the toolbar.

Custom User Functions ⓘ

Implement your own Streamsheets functions in JavaScript and Node.js.


User Management

User Roles



Single Sign On



Community Support

Full Support