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Eclipse Streamsheets & Eclipse Mosquitto

Discover how different industries can benefit from Streamsheets and Mosquitto. From Smart Factory to Financial Services, see how Mosquitto and Streamsheets can transform your business. 

Smart Factory

Automotive, Energy, Aerospace

Streamsheets precisely monitor and analyze industrial processes. Build your individual IIoT applications interactively while the data flows in.

  • Dashboards and Charting
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Analytics, Digital Twin
  • Gateways for OPC UA/MQTT/Kafka

Learn how you can use Streamsheets to build the FactoryIO in less than 3 minutes. FactoryIO is a factory simulation program that allows you to build machinery that can be controlled by OPC UA.

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Financial Services

Banking, Payments, Securities 

Analyze financial transactions in real-time. Aggregate, compare, detect anomalies and send alerts in real-time when conditions are met.

  • Fraud Detection
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Customer Tracking

Learn more about Streamsheets and Mosquitto.

Smart Building

Offices, Facilities, Hotels

Streamsheets and Mosquitto are an all-in-one solution for analysing, visualising and controlling building and facility conditions and operations.

  • Automation & Control
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Real Time Asset Tracking
  • Gateways for BACnet/MQTT/Kakfa

You can do a lot with Streamsheets and Mosquitto in the Smart Building space.

Learn more about Streamsheets and Mosquitto.

This image shows a picture of a retail center which is a use case of the cedalo real-time platform

Retail & Logistics

POS, eCommerce, Transportation

Real-time marketing, online shopping and just-in-time delivery need to be in-sync. Streamsheets let you connect and monitor retail chain operations as they happen.

  • Real-Time Offers
  • Fraud Detection
  • Real-time Inventory
  • Vehicle Tracking

Build a cloud-based Streamsheet that serves as a gateway between Shopify webhooks and Apache Kafka.

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Medical Services

Healthcare, Clinics, Pharmaceutical 

Real-time information is crucial for efficient treatment. Combine data from medical sub-systems and create event-driven dashboards & processes.

  • Real-Time Infection Control
  • Utilization Monitoring
  • Real-Time Asset Tracking
  • Gateways for MQTT/FHIR/Kafka

Discover how you can quickly and easily build real-time data dashboard in the healhcare industry with Mosquitto and Streamsheets.

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Smart Grids

Oil & Gas, Electric Power

With the rise of renewable energy sources, plants & energy grids need to react fast. Streamsheets and Mosquitto provide the necessary speed.

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Dashboards and Charting
  • Real Time Pricing
  • Gateways for OPC UA/MQTT/Kafka

In the following 8 minute video, you can see how to set up a Streamsheet that simulates a windmill power plant and publishes its data in real-time to a MQTT broker.

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