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Eclipse Mosquitto 2.0 MQTT Broker Released

Version 2.0 of the popular Open-Source MQTT broker released / Security by default / 40% performance increase / New GUI to monitor and manage users, roles & rights.

A screenshot of the management center for Mosquitto in dark mode

Cedalo AG, the sponsor of the popular Eclipse Mosquitto Open Source MQTT Broker announces the availability of new version 2.0. Mosquitto users can benefit now from enhanced security functions and 40% more processing speed.

The new Mosquitto comes with a dynamic security plug-in that allows broker owners to flexibly configure authentication and authorization on the fly without the need to power the broker down. The broker also has a more closed default configuration, so broker owners need to take an active step to configure security for their broker instance. Both of these changes make it easier to run a secure Mosquitto instance.

To ease all security related monitoring and configuration tasks a new graphical environment, called “Management Center for Mosquitto” is now available for download from the Cedalo website https://cedalo.com. The new graphical Management Center for Mosquitto allows easy administration of authentication and authorization of connected brokers, as well as performance monitoring. Topic trees can be visualized hierarchically. The Management Center for Mosquitto can be hosted anywhere, thus it can be separated from the broker in resource constrained or performance-critical environments.

Previous Mosquitto versions had already shown superior performance in tests by external sources [1]. The new 2.0 release of Mosquitto now adds an additional 40% performance increase widening the gap to other MQTT brokers on the market. Internal tests show that Mosquitto 2.0 on regular CPUs can cope with more than 65,000 client connections with typical IoT message frequency and size.

“Mosquitto is by far the most downloaded MQTT server worldwide and thus a core element of many IoT eco-systems. It was therefore imperative for us at Cedalo to make IoT security the centerpiece of the Mosquitto 2.0 development”, emphasizes Philip Ackermann, CTO of Cedalo. “And the new graphical GUI allows everyone to easily configure user rights and monitor the status of the broker,” Philip says.

The company is also working on delivering powerful MQTT High Availability.

Eclipse Mosquitto is available for download at the official download site of the Eclipse Foundations project site. The complete package with Mosquitto 2.0, the graphical Management Center, and Cedalo’s other Eclipse Project called Streamsheets (a spreadsheet for MQTT applications) is available at https://cedalo.com/get-started-with-cedalo-real-time-platform/

About Cedalo:
Cedalo AG is an IoT start-up based in Freiburg, Germany, that is truly devoted to Open Source: Their products constitute of Eclipse Foundation projects. Eclipse Streamsheets, the first product, is a no-code platform that can easily subscribe and publish to data streams like MQTT or Apache Kafka. Business process users can build stream processing applications using a spreadsheet GUI and cell functions. A variety of diagram types provides fast dashboarding. Eclipse Mosquitto, the second product, is the most downloaded MQTT broker worldwide. Brokers orchestrate the message flow in modern IoT publish/subscribe architectures. Mosquitto excels in big installs on servers due to its high efficiency to handle a large number of parallel connections. However, its resource-friendly programming allows it also to run well on small ARM-based edge devices like the Raspberry Pi.

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