Cedalo Cloud

We just made Streamsheets even easier

Streaming data everywhere. Now an app to use it.

With Cedalo Sheets, anybody who knows how to use a spreadsheet can quickly build real-time, stream processing applications, for any purpose. No technical expertise, no platform, no extensions, no schemas, no programming required. 

With Cedalo Cloud there is nothing to even install. 

Just login and get to work.

For beta candidates, one month free on us.

Interested in a cloud version version of Cedalo Sheets? We are accepting participants for the beta release of Cedalo Cloud. Please fill-out a request and we will put you on the list.

How do I use Cedalo Sheets?

Using the Sheets channel wizard, you are only a few simple clicks away from connecting to streaming or stored data. Within Sheets, you enter formulas to create answers — just like using a spreadsheet. From there you can transform data, build charts, send alerts, and most importantly, control external processes.

Cedalo Sheets is the new equalizer.
Technically speaking, the unique differentiators are:
  • no-code user interface
  • universal bridge to industry protocols
  • analytics, visualization, and automation

What makes Cedalo Sheets different?

Why not use a database query language?

SQL only gives you a snapshot of the past.  Streamsheets takes real-time data and delivers immediate automated action. 

No-code spreadsheets are one of the most useful productivity tools ever invented and are still wildly popular. But most stream processing today is done with Python, SQL and R —–  programming tools beyond the ability of non-technical persons.  Other no-code applications have little to no integrated protocol support, and at best, limited APIs. 

The first spreadsheet, VisiCalc, was the killer-app for the Apple Mac. The second popular spreadsheet, Lotus 1-2-3, was the killer app for the IBM PC. In both cases the spreadsheet offered an entirely new group of users the opportunity to create solutions that previously relied on specialized, highly-trained programmers. 

With Cedalo Sheets you don’t have to be a programmer or data scientist to work with streaming data. Cedalo delivers the new equalizer for a streaming generation.