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Eclipse Mosquitto, the most popular and fastest MQTT Broker. Eclipse Streamsheets for continuous analysis, processing, and visualization of real-time data.

Streamsheets 2.2 released!

  • Additional graphs like boxplot, waterfall, and speedometer 
  • Data persistence 
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved handling of MQTT based JSON payloads

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Mosquitto 2.0 released!

  • 40% faster than before 
  • Secure by default 
  • Dynamic user rights assignments 
  • New: Management Center
    ➞Our new admin GUI for Mosquitto 2.0
  • What is MQTT?
  • Event Stream Processing
  • Edge Intelligence

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is a light-weight communication protocol between devices, and/or computer systems. It supports a Publish - Subscribe ("Pub/Sub") architecture. By that it can easily support constrained connections networks like in IoT: A lot of participants, often limited resources at each device with ever changing network constellations.

The centerpiece is a MQTT  broker that receives the data from sending devices (the "Publishers") and provides them to users, and systems that request them (the "Subscribers"). Effectively, this decouples senders and receivers, reduces complexity, and makes IoT set-ups manageable. 

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State-of-the-art IoT networks provide data in streams: devices and systems continuously provide data messages. This "Stream" of data is in most cases issued at a high frequency and not only at an individual request.

Event Stream Processing applications are special apps that have similar logic like conventional analytics tools. However, time-based processing plays a far larger role, as well as handling the communication with data streams. Such systems need to be able to pick up the right messages from the stream, but also to feed resulting messages back for into the stream of messages. 


"Edge Devices" are those computerized systems that remain local on a premise. Opposed to that are computers, and systems that are sitting in the cloud, means very far away from the actual place where data is collected and where feedback impulses need to go ("change temperature x to y degrees").

"Edge Intelligence" summarizes that some or all of the analysis of the data is done directly by edge devices instead of doing that on a remote / cloud system. Enabling faster reactions, with a higher degree of data privacy and higher reliability, this applies especially to production or security related environments, where connection losses, or latencies are not tolerable.


Streamsheets is an open-source application that continuously processes, aggregates, visualizes, and transforms data streams in real-time as a server app. There is so much you can do with Streamsheets!

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Eclipse Mosquitto is the most popular open-source MQTT broker in the world. With the Mosquitto broker, you can connect sensors, devices, and apps far more flexible than in the request/response communication pattern of traditional client/server architectures.

We also offer premium support and plugins that seamlessly work with the open-source core. 

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