Cedalo Sheets

The stream processing application for everybody

Cedalo Sheets are spreadsheets.

100% codefree. No code, no plugins, no VBA.

Build your applications cell-by-cell. Use the formulas you already know from Excel and Google Sheets, such as IF, SUM, VLOOKUP + new ones. Create charts to visualize results and processes.

Everything is automated and dynamic.

Your applications. Your calculation. Your charts.

Sheets run cyclically, when new data arrives or on specific dates and times. Every cell is calculated, every condition checked, and every chart adapts to the input. 

Cedalo Sheets connect things.

Sensors. Machines. APIs. Databases. Online services…

Sheets support a variety of communication protocols and bring the data directly into the sheet. Protocols include e.g. MQTT, OPC UA, KAFKA, REST APIs and more.

Did you know that Sheets send data as well?
Connect one thing to another and convert between protocols right from within the spreadsheet.

Full transparency

Over data. What your application does. Not selective insight.

See what data you receive and how it is structured, even if the payload contains many data points. Link data to the sheet through simple drag-and-drop.

Observe what all cells do when the sheet recalculates. You do not have to focus on few elements and their specific behaviour. Build your logic cell-by-cell and see immediately how it changes and affects your application. There is no need to go back and forth between building and testing deploying after every change.

Cedalo Sheets run – Always.

On your server - in the cloud or on the edge.

You build your applications in the browser, but they run on a server. This can be a cloud cluster, an on-premises server or an edge device, even a Raspberry Pi.