Cedalo Stream Processing for Eclipse Mosquitto

Persist and process data with Cedalo premium plugin for the Mosquitto MQTT broker

Graphical User Interface of the Management Center

As real-time data continues to impact various industries, stream processing is being adopted more and more by companies.  For companies to get analytics reports in near real-time, stream processing is the way to go. The time period with stream processing can vary from a few milliseconds to days. Stream processing is important because it is essential to act on certain events and insights as soon as they occur. Waiting to act on them can cost time and money.  

Stream processing is a big data framework for querying continuous data as soon as it happens. MQTT is a great way to implement stream processing. The Mosquitto MQTT broker uses the publish-subscribe messaging protocol to produce and consume data in real-time.  

How does Mosquitto handle stream processing

Mosquitto can be used in applications where you need to process streaming data. Stream processing can be configured and triggered by using the Graphical User Interface of the Management Center or by sending a special MQTT message to the broker.

With the stream processing premium plugin, Mosquitto gains the ability to:

  • Modify JSON Payload with SELECT-like clauses
    •  Only select messages fulfilling a certain criterion
    •  Cut out or rename parts of the payload
  • Publish aggregates like min/max/avg/…
    • Aggregate over a configurable timeframe
    • Reset aggregate after a configurable timeframe
  • Persist, play, replay, aggregate, and filter streams of messages
    • Only select messages fulfilling a certain criterion
    • Select target topic
    • Replay at a different message frequency, or e.g., in reverse order 
    • Trigger, or configure this by an MQTT message to the broker or use the  graphical UI from the management center 
  • Persist full data streams
  • Define the number of streams
  • Enable or disable streams

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