MQTT Client: Mosquitto Management Center

Mosquitto web interface

A Management Center that connects as an MQTT client to your broker and facilitates managing your broker instances so that you have full control of your MQTT broker setup.

What is Management Center (MMC) MQTT Client?

MMC is the central point for managing your Pro Mosquitto broker instances and clusters. 

It is a fully-fledged web application and web UI covering the most critical aspects of an IoT project, including security, user and access control management, broker management and monitoring, REST APIs, topic tree visualization, HA cluster management, and more.

Administer and monitor your MQTT setup with a convenient GUI. Benefit from extra visibility by getting detailed information about all connected MQTT clients, visualizing your topic tree, managing HA clusters, and more.

MMC MQTT web interface benefits

Gain extra visibility into your MQTT broker setup

Get complete visibility of your MQTT broker setup, including clients and their groups, broker instances, HA clusters, users and their groups, a detailed MQTT topic tree, and more. Use this data to perform advanced MQTT broker and client monitoring. Get access to crucial performance metrics and generate insights. Enjoy improved control over MMC connections, see which brokers are connected to a specific MMC instance, and more.

Ensure secure MQTT broker connection to the MMC

Use client certificates and custom CAs (certificate authorities) to connect MMC to your MQTT broker instances, which is more secure than a combination of a username and password since the former includes private and public keys. Private keys cannot be leaked in this case as they never leave the client’s side. Besides, using custom CAs does improve your IoT project’s security since it verifies the trustworthiness and authenticity of the system you connect to.

Benefit from an advanced user management

Leverage the MMC to perform user management in a simplified manner and save admin time! Reduce the risk of unauthorized access by limiting users to the MMC features and broker connections they are responsible for. Optimize user onboarding and offboarding processes. Benefit from a granular Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) user management system to maintain system access integrity.

Enable easy MMC integration with third-party apps

Use application tokens to provide access to the MMC without the need to go through the usual authentication process. In other words, it is a straightforward and secure way for external applications to connect to the MMC. In addition, application tokens provide more control over the agents using the MMC: they contain an expiration date after which they cannot be used and can be revoked at any time.

MMC MQTT client features

  • Dashboard

  • Topic tree

  • Inspect clients

  • Clients management & grouping

  • Client roles

  • Broker connections

  • HA Cluster Management

  • Client certificate management

  • User management & grouping

  • Application Tokens


Get a comprehensive overview of an MQTT setup that includes the following metrics:

  • The number of messages sent, received, stored & retained
  • The volume of Bytes sent & received
  • The number of connected clients and the total number of clients
  • An MQTT broker uptime information, and more.
Mosquitto MQTT Client Dashboard screenshot

Topic tree

Visualize the topic hierarchy, including the number of sub-topics and messages in a sub-tree. 

When selecting a node on a topic tree, see the following information: 

  • The name of the topic
  • The date and time when the topic was created 
  • The number of sub-topics
  • The number of messages received on this topic
  • The payload data of the last 20 received messages
Mosquitto MQTT Client Topic Tree screenshot

Inspect clients

Get an overview of all connected MQTT clients, e.g., connection status, protocol information and many more.

Mosquitto MQTT Client Inspect clients screenshot

Clients management & grouping

Manage MQTT clients, e.g. create a new client, add groups and roles to it, as well as enable/disable or delete a client.

Structure a large number of MQTT clients by combining them into multiple groups. Manage your MQTT client groups easily and quickly adjust your MQTT setup when necessary.

Mosquitto web interface clients management and grouping screenshot

Client roles

Manage MQTT client roles and Access Control Lists (ACLs) to allow or deny an action. Add multiple ACLs to a role!

Mosquitto web UI MQTT client roles screenshot

Broker connections

Get an overview of MQTT broker instance details and their availability. Create new broker connections, edit the existing ones, and delete those not required anymore.

Connect to your Pro Mosquitto instances using client certificates and custom CAs (certificate authorities).

Mosquitto MQTT Client broker connections screenshot

HA Cluster Management

Create an HA cluster, add nodes to it, select a unique Node ID, enter the IP address of your broker within its private network, and select the preconfigured connection. That’s it! Once the HA cluster is ready, you can always return and check its configuration details!

Mosquitto MQTT Client HA cluster management screenshot

Client certificate management

Get an overview of the list of currently maintained client certificates! Use MMC to manage client certificates for your MQTT setup: upload and deploy them directly to your broker.

Mosquitto web interface client certificate management screenshot

User management & grouping

Configure MMC users and assign roles to them to grant or deny access to specific features and functionalities.

Arrange users into groups and use roles to determine their access level rights to certain connections.

Mosquitto MQTT Client user management and grouping screenshot

Application Tokens

Generate application tokens with role-based access & expiration dates to enable MMC REST APIs usage from external apps, e.g., for integrating the MMC and Mosquitto APIs into your system.

Mosquitto MQTT Client application tokens screenshot