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Version 2.3 of the open-source No-Code platform now available / Integration of external apps via direct cell functions / Cryptographic encryption of any cell content easily possible / New map – diagram with country maps

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Version 2.3 of the open source no-code platform immediately available / integration of external apps via direct cell functions / cryptographic encryption of any cell content / new maps – diagram with city maps and maps

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Version 2.2 der Open-Source No-Code Plattform ab sofort verfügbar / Zahlreiche Verbesserungen für Analyse, Monitoring und Steuerung von Streaming- und IoT-Daten / Verbessertes Handling und Visualisierung für Zeitreihen („Time Series“) – Daten

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Version 2.0 of the popular Open-Source MQTT broker released / Security by default / 40% performance increase / New GUI to monitor and manage users, roles & rights. 

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Screenshot of Streamsheets 2.3 user interface

New crypto features enable the secure transfer of sensitive data between applications. Additional cell functions facilitate the work of Streamsheet creators, e.g. to convert data from JSON to XML. The release is rounded off with additional wizards to better set up graphs. The new chart type “Map” allows the display of any data on country and regional maps.

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Screenshot of Streamsheets 2.3 user interface

Das aktuelle Release der No-Code-Plattform legt den Schwerpunkt auf die Einbindung neuer Anwendungen und Funktionen, neuerdings auch von Drittanbietern. Version 2.3 hat neue Kryptofunktionen an Bord, die die Übertragung sensibler Daten zwischen den Anwendungen durch Verschlüsselung beispielsweise per CRYPTO.HASH-Funktion absichern sollen.

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Screenshot of Streamsheets 2.3 user interface

In Streamsheets, external services can already be controlled via HTTP – request functions. “For many of our users, we want to make this even easier. With our no-code platform Streamsheets, we want to address users who do not have in-depth IT know-how,” explains Philipp Struss, CEO of Cedalo AG. “Consequently, we will now step by step offer cell functions that directly exchange information with third-party systems using no more than simple spreadsheet formulas.” 

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Cedalo is an expert team of entrepreneurs, software engineers, and inventors providing solutions for the IoT, Industry 4.0, and Event Stream Processing. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Freiburg Germany, Cedalo is the creator of Eclipse Streamsheets and the team behind the MQTT Eclipse Mosquitto Broker.

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Regardless of your industry or product, the Internet of Things (IoT), can add value to your business. Thus, companies need to get ready to adopt and incorporate IoT in their businesses.

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Die Cedalo AG mit Sitz in Freiburg hat die neueste Version ihrer quelloffenen No-Code-Plattform Eclipse Streamsheets freigegeben. Version 2.2. hat das Handling und die Visualisierung von Zeitreihen überarbeitet, weitere Aktualisierungen betreffen die Analyse, das Monitoring und die Steuerung von Streaming- und IoT-Daten.

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Die Cedalo AG mit Sitz in Freiburg hat als maßgeblicher Förderer die Version 2.0 von Eclipse Mosquitto freigegeben. Das Eclipse-Projekt ist ein quelloffener Broker für das im Internet der Dinge weitverbreitete MQTT-Protokoll, der seine Heimat unter dem Dach der Eclipse Foundation hat.

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Just a few months after Cedalo joined the Eclipse Foundation in October 2019, the company’s Co-Founder and CEO, Philipp Struss, joined Kilton Hopkins, his counterpart at Edgeworx, Inc., in a video presentation to explain the benefits of integrating their respective Eclipse Foundation projects. The two companies discovered one another, and the potential to combine their technologies, through their involvement in Eclipse IoT.

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Cedalo AG, the sponsor of the popular Eclipse Mosquitto Open Source MQTT Broker announces the availability of new version 2.0. Mosquitto users can benefit now from enhanced security functions and 40% more processing speed.

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