Support for Open Source Mosquitto – Paid Subscription

Enjoy peace of mind when deploying Mosquitto open source for a commercial project.

When to use open source Mosquitto support?

If at least one of the below statements is “true” for your organization, then, it is the right time for you to consider opting in for professional support:

  • You deploy open source Mosquitto for a commercial project.
  • You are running Mosquitto OS productively.
  • You need to immediately know if open source Mosquitto encounters a critical bug that can negatively impact your project’s performance or security so that you are aware of the problem and can prepare for a fix right away.
  • You want all major bugs to be fixed as soon as possible.
  • In critical situations, you want to rely on more than the recommendations of the open source community or wait weeks to get a response from them.
  • You want to maintain direct contact with the open source Mosquitto team and ensure that whatever solution you implement follows best practices.

What does our support offering include?

Support services & SLA

Benefit from a standard support service with SLA levels, including a ticketing system and an 8×5 schedule per CET timezone. 

Access to the latest patches & fixes

Get early access to all patches and fixes so that you can immediately rectify any security vulnerabilities, performance issues or bugs.

Proactive communication

Be the first to get information about the latest product releases and patches sent straight to your email address. Save time by not having to look for these updates online or monitor several different resources.

Flexible terms

Discover multiple custom support options, including additional support channels, working schedules, or approaches (like having a dedicated Jira Service Desk support board and being able to file your tickets there). 

Transparent pricing

The Pro Mosquitto Support is based on the usage and size of your MQTT setup. Prices start at USD 275 / Euro 249 per month and are billed annually.

What are the other benefits of choosing professional support?

Even though you are still using the open-source edition, you can get a heads up on what is coming next in the new versions and access it earlier than other open source Mosquitto users.

We will inform you about product releases and provide the necessary instructions and upgrading support. So, no more worrying about upcoming releases and no need to monitor the news! 

In addition, your team will get direct access to the core knowledge holders in the area. 

You will feel secure and enjoy peace of mind from the very second you sign the support services contract since the responsibility for your MQTT broker instance will lie with us. From that moment onwards, you will always feel you have complete control over any situation.