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Cedalo launches the MQTT Academy with Free Access to Courses

Sharing MQTT knowledge for users of all levels, from beginners to industry leaders, through easy-to-understand concepts and practical examples.

The goal of the MQTT Academy
The goal of the MQTT Academy is to provide technology users around the world with in-depth knowledge of MQTT and Mosquitto concepts.

(Freiburg, 10/08/2023) – Cedalo, the provider of the #1 Pro Mosquitto MQTT broker for Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, announced the launch of their MQTT Academy aimed at empowering engineers, architects, and technology leaders worldwide with deep knowledge of MQTT and Mosquitto concepts.

MQTT, the messaging protocol for IoT communication governed by OASIS, has gained widespread adoption among industry leaders who utilize Mosquitto’s open-source platform for their IoT projects. Cedalo has recognized the importance of providing MQTT broker users with the necessary knowledge and skills to make the most of its open-source software. To achieve this, they created the MQTT Academy, which incorporates insights from Roger Light, the inventor of open-source Mosquitto and Lead Developer of Pro Mosquitto. The first introductory course in the Academy teaches learners the basics of MQTT and its principles and uses real-world applications to test their understanding through quizzes.

The step-by-step course will ensure learners gain the foundation of MQTT principles and give them the confidence to integrate IoT strategies into their projects. To enhance the educational experience further, Cedalo is offering learners the opportunity to apply the knowledge they acquired from the MQTT Academy towards a free Pro Mosquitto trial. This practical experience can help learners bridge their theoretical understanding of MQTT to real-world applications by connecting devices and exchanging messages.

“At Cedalo, we are passionate about empowering companies, teams, and individuals with the technologies and knowledge of MQTT,” said Philipp Struss, CEO of Cedalo. “Our comprehensive course gives them a solid foundation in MQTT, empowering them to create efficient, reliable, and scalable IoT solutions. It enables participants to confidently implement their IoT strategies and unlock the full potential of data-driven architectures.”

Philipp Struss, CEO of Cedalo

About the Company

Cedalo GmbH is a leading MQTT solutions innovator and has established itself as a reliable partner for the global IoT community. They aim to help organizations implement their optimal data infrastructure and IoT architecture and, in this way, create the digital backbone for their business. To ensure that businesses are utilizing the full potential of MQTT, Cedalo offers a range of dedicated products, including the industrial-grade version of the well-known open-source broker, Mosquitto. Pro Edition for Eclipse Mosquitto excels in large-scale server installations by processing multiple parallel connections efficiently. It streamlines IoT connectivity in different industries and offers high-quality, user-friendly solutions and exceptional customer support.