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Slack application template

Use Pro Streamsheets to trigger Slack Channel messages.


Slack is an instant messaging application. Slack provides an application programming interface (API) for users to create applications and automate processes, such as sending automatic notifications. 
Streamsheets can send messages to a Slack Channel. The template shows three ways to format your messages by using the SLACK.CHANNEL.MESSAGE() function.

How it works:

  • Before you start, make sure you have created a Slack App, added it to your workspace, and set up the proper scopes for your token. 
  • Set at least channels:read & chat:write. It does not matter if you use a User Token Scope or a bot  Token.
  • Add a Slack Integration Account and enter either the User or the Bot token.
  • Add the Integration Account to your App.
  • Start the App

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