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Introducing Pro Mosquitto 2.7

We’re happy to announce the release of the Pro Edition of Eclipse Mosquitto version 2.7. This release focuses on the launch of the MongoDB and Kafka bridges, Kubernetes deployment support and security enhancements.

Let us dive deeper into the new features and functionality our team has implemented as part of the recent version of Pro Mosquitto.

πŸ›‘οΈ Integrations

We are expanding our integration offerings! Alongside our existing MQTT-to-MQTT and MQTT-to-HTTP bridges, we’re excited to announce the addition of Kafka and MongoDB integrations with this release.

➑️ Kafka Bridge

Feature Description: The MQTT to Kafka bridge facilitates a unidirectional data transfer mechanism, enabling seamless MQTT data transmission from Pro Mosquitto to Kafka. The feature allows users to conveniently configure the MQTT to Kafka topics mapping, with Pro Mosquitto ensuring the automatic data transfer from the chosen MQTT topics to the specified Kafka destinations.

The MQTT to Kafka bridge allows to:

  • Specify the Kafka server
  • Choose the authentication method
  • Select which topics to publish
  • Map MQTT topics to Kafka topics

User benefit: The MQTT to Kafka Bridge simplifies data transfer from MQTT sources like IoT devices and sensors to Kafka topics, enabling real-time data processing for immediate analytics and informed decision-making. This integration enhances current data processes and ensures adaptability and scalability for future data processing and integration needs.

Instance: On-premises
Subscription plan: L and Enterprise

To learn more about the Kafka bridge, see the documentation.

➑️ MongoDB Bridge

Feature Description: The MongoDB Bridge enables one-way data transfer from the MQTT broker to MongoDB. It’s built for effortless data migration, allowing users to handle MQTT-generated data in MongoDB efficiently.

The MQTT to MongoDB bridge allows to:

  • Specify the database and collection to import to
  • Choose the authentication method
  • Select which topics and message fields to import
  • Map topics to specific collections
  • Choose which fields to insert into collections

User benefit: The MongoDB Bridge streamlines MQTT to MongoDB integration, making storing MQTT-generated data easy and enabling streamlined data management for in-depth analytics and valuable insights in your organization.

Instance: On-premises
Subscription plan: L and Enterprise

To learn more about the MongoBD bridge, see the documentation.

Test the new Kafka and MongoDB bridges with a free 30-day trial of Pro Mosquitto on-premises by signing up here!

πŸ“ˆ Prometheus Exporter

Feature Description: Prometheus is a very popular monitoring solution that is used for gaining insights into metrics. Pro Mosquitto now implements a Prometheus exporter, allowing Prometheus to query Pro Mosquitto for metrics to be monitored directly. The metrics set gives a broad overview of what is happening on your broker, from the number of clients connected to the count of individual MQTT message types sent and received.

User benefit: Application monitoring is a vitally important aspect of running any service. Having access to historical data for different metrics gives the ability to analyze trends and make effective capacity planning for the future. Monitoring also provides the chance to detect and react to anomalous behavior, such as a rapid increase in the number of messages being processed or a high rate of authentication failures.

Instance: On-premises
Subscription plan: L and Enterprise

To learn more about Prometheus Exporter, visit the documentation.

πŸ” Kubernetes

Feature description: Kubernetes container deployment support enables users to install and run Pro Mosquitto within Kubernetes.

User benefit: Kubernetes support for Pro Mosquitto simplifies the deployment, management, and scaling of Pro Mosquitto instances within Kubernetes clusters. This support ensures that you can efficiently harness the power of Pro Mosquitto in a containerized environment, facilitating secure and scalable MQTT messaging for your applications and services.

Instance: On-premises
Subscription plan: L and Enterprise

Visit the documentation to learn more about the Kubernetes support.

πŸ›‘οΈ Security

To heighten security measures, we’ve initiated two critical initiatives: implementing an Audit Trail feature and setting up the infrastructure for Automated Security Testing of Pro Mosquitto.

πŸ“ Audit Trail

Feature Description: The Audit Trail feature provides a detailed record of every significant action, creating an append-only log.

User benefit: The Audit Trail feature ensures data integrity and creates immutable, detailed records for comprehensive historical analysis. It enables forensic analysis and streamlines compliance reporting, enhancing transparency and accountability across your organization.

Instance: On-premises
Subscription plan: L and Enterprise

To learn more about the Audit Trail, visit the documentation.

πŸ›‘οΈ Penetration Testing

Feature Description: After a thorough manual and automated penetration test, Pro Mosquitto and MMC were substantially improved based on the findings in the test report. We resolved vulnerabilities and weaknesses discovered during the test and also incorporated automated security tests compliant with OWASP standards, utilizing tools such as OWASP ZAP Proxy for security assessments.

User benefit: Addressing vulnerabilities from the penetration test provides users with a secure environment, safeguarding data confidentiality and integrity. The incorporation of automated security tests, including tools like OWASP ZAP Proxy, ensures the highest level of security for Pro Mosquitto.

If you want to know more about the new security measures, contact us.

βš™οΈ High Availability Cluster

πŸ–₯️ Configurable Leader Election

Feature description: The Configurable Leader Election gives users complete control over the leader selection process within an HA cluster. Users can now define which specific node in the cluster should act as the leader. This setting ensures that the most suitable node seamlessly takes over the leader role.

User benefit: Empowering users to designate the leader node aligns the system with their unique requirements and operational needs. This fine-tuned control improves fault tolerance and optimizes resource utilization. Customizing the leader election process ensures smooth transitions, minimal downtime, and uninterrupted services in the face of unexpected challenges.

Learn more about the Configurable Leader Election here.

To test the High Availability cluster in Pro Mosquitto 2.7, sign up for a 30-day free trial here.

🀝 Supported Protocols

πŸ’« Sparkplug Awareness

Feature description: Sparkplug is a communication protocol specifically designed for industrial IoT (Internet of Things) applications. It provides a standardized way for IoT devices, sensors, and applications to exchange real-time data efficiently and securely. 

Sparkplug’s key feature is its ability to facilitate seamless interoperability between industrial devices and software systems, enabling them to communicate and share data in a consistent and reliable manner. 

This protocol simplifies the integration process, ensuring that industrial IoT ecosystems operate smoothly and efficiently, making it a vital tool for industrial automation and IoT solutions. Mosquitto 2.7 (Pro & OS) implements the full functionality of a Sparkplug Aware Broker, aligning seamlessly with the requirements outlined in the official Sparkplug specification.

User benefit: The Sparkplug Awareness of Pro Mosquitto 2.7 ensures that your system complies with the latest industry standards, enhancing your capability to manage IoT devices efficiently and securely. This ensures that your organization stays ahead in technological advancements, enabling smoother and more secure management of IoT devices. Embracing this feature allows you to elevate operational efficiency, increase system reliability, and guarantee compatibility with the most recent industry standards.

Instance: On-premises and Cloud
Subscription plan: S, M, L and Enterprise

To learn more about the Sparkplug Awareness of Pro Mosquitto 2.7, visit the documentation.

🎨 MMC UI Improvements

Feature description: We’ve improved MMC’s user interface with a notable enhancement to the Broker Connections overview feature.

User benefit: Pro Mosquitto users can easily identify cluster configurations through the UI, distinguishing between cluster leaders and followers among broker instances.

πŸ”§ Bug fixes

Since we are constantly working on improving the performance and stability of our product, this release includes various bug fixes and stability improvements that will enhance our users’ overall experience.

Start harnessing the full power of Pro Mosquitto 2.7 today by signing up for a free trial!

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