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Covid Dashboard with Eclipse Mosquitto and Streamsheets

MQTT is not only suitable for IoT applications, but also for real-time applications as we can see in this example in the healthcare industry. 

You can easily build a covid dashboard with Streamsheets and Mosquitto. One of the main strengths of Streamsheets is its ability to visualize and analyze real-time data that comes from event streaming platforms like MQTT or Kafka.

In this 120 seconds video, you will discover how to use Streamsheets and the Mosquitto Broker to centrally aggregate data. In this example, we use test laboratories that publish their data and Streamsheet, which then aggregates and displays the data. In just a couple of seconds, we would have a functioning dashboard. 

The following video is a 120 seconds demo that shows you how to use Streamsheets and Mosquitto to create a dashboard that displays real-time Covid data. 

Learn how MQTT client and broker connection works.

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