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Streamsheets and Apache Kafka – build real-time dashboards and streaming apps using your spreadsheet skills

Webinar for the Streamsheets and Apache kafka webinar on building real-time dashboards and streaming apps

The possibilities and use cases from Streamsheets and Apache Kafka are endless. Therefore, this webinar is structured in such a way that gives you digestible and valuable information in 3 steps. You have the background information, case study, and live demonstration.

Streamsheets is a stream processing platform with a Spreadsheet-like interface used for real-time data streaming without writing any code. With Streamsheets, you simply use logic from your spreadsheet skills to build IoT applications. In addition, Streamsheets can be used in multiple use cases such as in the IIoT, financial industry, medical industry, and so on. From dashboarding to condition monitoring, the use case is endless. 

Apache Kafka on the other hand is an open-source stream-processing platform used for analyzing a large volume of streaming data.

In this webinar, you will discover how you can use Streamsheets and Apache Kafka together. In addition, you would also see how you can use it in the cloud by using Confluent cloud services.

Kristian Raue, Founder and Chief Technologist of Cedalo join Kai Waehner, Technology Evangelist at Confluent to bring this informative webinar.

The main topics covered include:

  • Background information: Where Streamsheets and Kafka fit in the data ecosystem.
  • Case Study: How the Freiburg University Hospital uses Apache Kafka and Streamsheets for dashboarding the utilization of clinical assets.
  • Live Demonstration: Building a financial fraud detection dashboard based on Confluent Cloud, ksqlDB, and Cedalo Cloud Streamsheets just using spreadsheet formulas.
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