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Streamsheets 2.3 release

Screenshot of Streamsheets 2.3 user interface

We are delighted to announce the release of Streamsheets 2.3 – the new version of Streamsheets. Streamsheets is our no-code platform that allows you to build real-time streaming data applications.

Our goal for Streamsheets 2.3 is to make both internal and external operational processes seamless for users. To this end, we added direct integrations to Streamsheets. Now, you can directly trigger the sending of an SMS or text message to any phone number worldwide. This is done by a simple cell function.  The content of the message can be composed dynamically based on data that is generated in your Streamsheet in real-time. This is just one of the new integrations and we are planning to add many more in the near future. By adding cryptographic functions such as CRYPTO.HASH and CRYPTO.HMAC, we also ensured that the messages you send are always secured.

Another important point for us was to improve the overall performance and usability of Streamsheets. Therefore, we upgraded the handling of the view mode and added a settings option for the shape element in Streamsheets. We also added new functions like and HTTPREQUEST2(). As the use cases for Streamsheets continue to expand, we also continuously upgrade our chart library. Streamsheets 2.3 now comes with a new map chart.

Screenshot of the European map on the map chart


More integrations mean even more use cases with Streamsheets. The new cell functions to trigger the external services are built up to be user-friendly. This makes it accessible to the everyday Streamsheets builders and increases the speed at which you can create interoperable applications with our platform.

Using some of the new integrations on Streamsheets, you can receive weather forecast data, historical weather from around the globe, and air pollution data. You can also receive geocoordinate data on the longitude and latitude of every place on the planet. You can send results via SMS or text message by making use of the new SMS cell commands.

This is only the beginning of our integration plan for Streamsheets. We plan to add more integrations to Streamsheets to enable you to do more, create more use cases, and work faster.

Crypthographic functions

As part of our efforts to improve security, we added cryptographic functions to Streamsheets 2.3. Cryptographic hash functions make it difficult for others to decipher your information which is useful for encryption. You can use the CRYPTO.HASH function in various ways:

  • Instead of storing passwords in clear text, you can turn the text into enciphered text for storage.
  • You can verify information and messages. For example, when you send a file to a recipient, you can send a hashed version of the information to verify that the file was intact during the transfer.

User Experience 

In Streamsheets 2.3 we added a new way of opening and defining the view mode. Now, you switch to the view mode directly through an icon in the control bar. You have a menu to define which sheets to show and also how to show them.

The shape element in Streamsheets now has its own menu settings. You don’t have to look up the functions to access the shape parameter.  Another cool update is the background color of the Streamsheets apps in preview mode. It now changes depending on the light or dark mode settings. In the previous versions, the background was always set to grey.

New cell functions

Streamsheets 2.3 also comes with new cell functions like the and the  httprequest2(). The function allows users to convert JSON objects to XML texts.

There are other bug fixes to enhance performance and security. If you haven’t yet tried Streamsheets, you can get started within a minute. Installation is free and easy. We think you will find Streamsheets to be a great addition to your tech stack.

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