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Condition Monitoring with Streamsheets and MongoDB

Implementing a condition monitoring use case with Streamsheets and MongoDB. Production data is visualized, analyzed, processed and stored in a MongoDB.

Pro Streamsheets

Analytics, Dashboards and Predictive Maintenance with Streamsheets

Find out how to build a dynamic dashboard that analyzes and visualizes data in realtime.

Pro Streamsheets

Controlling Industrial Machinery with Snips AI and Streamsheets

In this post I will integrate an artificial intelligence based technology named Snips to control a sorting process in real-time.

Pro Streamsheets

Connecting Streamsheets to Industrial Machinery via MQTT

Streamsheets is suitable for many use cases in industrial environments (e.g. Smart Factory, Industrie 4.0, Industrial IoT). In this blog you find a 4 minute video that shows how to control an industrial machinery that sorts incoming parts according to their color and shape.

Pro Streamsheets

Snips, Shelly and Streamsheets

We will build our own intelligent speech assistant to control the lighting in several rooms.

MQTT basics

A Simulated Wind Power Plant as MQTT Publisher

Have you ever wondered how to simulate data for your individual use cases quickly?

Pro Streamsheets

Simple Streamsheets Demo: Hello Shelly

We will implement an always online, always running rule engine that controls an electrical switch.

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