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Why we need real-time data in the coronavirus crisis and how Eclipse Streamsheets can help

According to Forrester, leading enterprises understand that real-time analytics is a major competitive advantage they have against their competitors. This is especially true for industries using IoT technologies.

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Time Series Aggregations with Streamsheets

Learn how you can build real time based aggregations with Streamsheets using your Spreadsheet knowledge.

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Shopify Dashboard (Part 2): How to aggregate and chart Kafka data in Streamsheets

In this video post you see how you can build a Streamsheet that receives data from Shopify via Apache Kafka The resulting Streamsheet generates aggregations and charts to serve as a real-time dashboard for a Shopify online shop.

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Shopify Dashboard (Part 1): Build a Shopify-to-Kafka Gateway

In this video post you learn how you can build a cloud-based Streamsheet that serves as a gateway between Shopify webhooks (executed by a Shopify Online Store) and Apache Kafka (hosted on Confluent Cloud).

MQTT basics

An introduction to JSON and MQTT with Roger Light

This week we had the pleasure to record a 10-minute video session with Roger Light, the project lead of the Eclipse Mosquitto MQTT project. We will get a simple introduction to JSON and MQTT and how these two standards work together in IoT and Stream Processing.

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Condition Monitoring with Streamsheets and MongoDB

Implementing a condition monitoring use case with Streamsheets and MongoDB. Production data is visualized, analyzed, processed and stored in a MongoDB.

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Analytics, Dashboards and Predictive Maintenance with Streamsheets

Find out how to build a dynamic dashboard that analyzes and visualizes data in realtime.

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Controlling Industrial Machinery with Snips AI and Streamsheets

In this post I will integrate an artificial intelligence based technology named Snips to control a sorting process in real-time.

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