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An introduction to JSON and MQTT with Roger Light

You will see that both technologies are not rocket science, but actually easy to understand also for the non-programmer who uses Streamsheets.

Thank you to Roger Light to make this video possible. We recommend that you watch the video in full screen mode. If you want to jump directly to the tutorial part of the video, you have to advance to minute 2:30

An Introduction to JSON and MQTT with Roger Light

This session is also the first of a series of sessions where we show the basic steps towards IoT, Stream Processing, MQTT, Pub/Sub and the use of Streamsheets. So stay tuned for more!

We all understand that one has to always ensure MQTT broker server security. That is why, we created a comprehensive guide on how to set up MQTT TLS configuration for it.

However, to get started, we advise you to check out this blog post that will tell you all you wanted to know about MQTT connection and how to enable it for your IoT project. In addition, you can also check out how to configure an MQTT broker in Python.

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